Be the Best

We are looking at a whole new thing, aren’t we? Not since the bubonic plague of the Middle Ages or the Spanish flu of the 1800’s has our country faced such an unprecedented challenge…but now as always, there is a way to respond that encourages responsibility and preserves our way of life.

Honoring the two-week ban of more than 10 in a gathering along with emergent social distancing, many of us find time on our hands. It’s then, a good time to read, study, prepare for when the ban is lifted. We can return to work better prepared than ever.

Taking care of those at risk around us could become a new fulltime job! Reach out and offer to get groceries for the elderly and compromised within your neighborhood. Perform odd jobs without expectation of payment. Good works are always the social medium of a happy people.

Learn to live more simply. Reflect on your purchases this last month. How many were nonessential? In the weeks ahead, when our world will most assuredly experience a repression, how can you adjust your monetary footprint?

Cultivate the experience of our older population. Many have lived through oil embargoes and multiple recessions. Their wisdom and experience may well be lost to us in the weeks to come. This is the time to reap from them the lessons that may sustain us all.

Most of all, I urge you all to live with hope and faith. Live responsibly and conscience-free. Live without condemnation. Being the best we can be is always good advice, isn’t it?

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