Get Your Elf On!

Okay, peeps! It’s time to get your Christmas on…2020 has been a big downer, and amid the sickness or loss of friends and loved ones and the lost income, it would be easy to let Christmas slide this year. I suggest the opposite: GO BIG! You don’t need to spend more money; as a matter of fact, spend less. Infuse this holiday season with old and new traditions to change your current mindset.

It’s a well known fact: Harvard Health is a trusted source, and they offer unequivocal evidence. Your mindset affects your health. When your Christmas spirit lags, your physical health suffers. The link between mind and body is incontrovertible. The opposite is also true. You can improve your health by improving your mindset. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.” Read about this in greater detail at

So if you are following me, inject some Christmas cheer into your life and feel better. My top ten suggestions:

  1. Watch some Christmas flicks. If Hallmark isn’t your style, find Elf, Home Alone or Die Hard.
  2. Create a playlist of tunes you enjoy.
  3. Up your décor. It’s okay to put up a smaller tree or create a garland centerpiece…but let your home be festive.
  4. Be one of Santa’s minions. Elf youself!
  5. Bake some cookies, and do a few door drops for friends.
  6. Dig out some favorite recipes and plan a special Christmas day feast
  7. Focus on affordable gifts—coupons for family members, simple stocking stufferes.
  8. Go on a hunt for the best Christmas lights in town.
  9. Read a Christmas classic, and share it with a child or family member via Zoom if necessary.
  10. Make some Christmas cards you can hand out to people you see, or mail if you’ve a mind to—but share some Christmas greetings!

What is important is you being present in this Christmas miracle that happens but once a year. Don’t let negativity deprive you of good vibes and happy memories. Be an elf!

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