We are connecting you with prospective merchandisers, demonstrators and in- store sellers, in your area. It is our goal to keep hard working merchandisers in the field. The current retail environment makes this impossible to do all the time. For this reason we invite you to share in our ever increasing base of quality retail representatives. We need your help to keep great reps working in this industry. We all must benefit from their experience. We also invite you to be apart of this community. We will be inviting our contacts to post training tips, blogs, etc. All will be in an effort to support field persons with on-going encounters

Each of us has a story to tell and we look forward to hearing from each of you. Please get acquainted with us. Please feel free to reach us with questions, comments, concerns you may have.

When we have received an application, this application will be checked for accuracy. Data will be sent to your email in a constant flow throughout the subscription period. We accept no liability, nor assume any risk for these candidates posted. However, we do feel these candidates are the best the industry has to offer. This is based upon much recruiting and staffing experience.



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Defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “A firm adherence to a code of ethics or values.” …While contagious, it seems integrity is a lost art. We challenge ourselves and each of you to practice this often. Practice makes perfect.


We must dress, speak, approach, think and convey an image of being the best we can be. “Be who you are and be that well.”  Show the world you are proud of YOU.


Accountability often is a  team effort. Be well equipped.  If you determine you cannot meet the expectations of the task you have accepted, it is your obligation to communicate your concerns to the proper people. Does that make you a failure ? No! That makes you honest and forthright.


The art of getting things done. As a company policy, we are driven to execute- . Join in the art of getting things done. Good gets better, Better becomes your BEST and the BEST never rests.