Keeping in Touch with Clients

When you work with clients, it is important to remember: You represent your company. Your behavior must reflect your company’s values. Be professional. Most of all, be consistent. Keep in touch.

Think for a moment about your client’s needs. If you are a new representative, the client may be wondering, is my rep punctual? Reliable? Nothing staves of worry like your friendly contact. When you have an appointment, send a confirmation. That confirmation reflects your commitment and represents a way to contact you should a concern arise.

Be timely. Arrange to arrive in the area ahead of time, but don’t knock on the door until it’s time. You can always message a quick, “I’m available whenever you’re ready, but no rush,” to facilitate your client’s schedule. Keeping in touch is interpreted as added value.

Always keep the cardinal rules of friendly interaction in mind. Notice the suffix there? You are not friends, but your contact is always conducted using friendly terms. Mind your manners. Keep it positive. Do some research about the company. Look up your contact on LinkedIn. It sounds like common sense, yet your own busy schedule or personality quirks can overshadow your growing business relationship.

Building a solid working relationship not only strengthens your company’s contract, it’s like your personal job insurance. It’s important to remember that certain interactions represent giant red flags when dealing with your clients. Substitute the word “client” for “customer” in this article of 22 Things you should never say, and you get an idea of positive interaction with clientele.

Last but not least, document your contact with your client. Record the dates you interacted. Write down the gist of your conversation. Note any concerns your client may have expressed. This record allows your company to monitor your interaction and to offer suggestions for strengthening this important business relationship.

Appreciate your role. Whether you work FT or PT, your position represents a point of contact, one I want to see adding value. I appreciate team members who solidify our relationship and become indispensable to the company being served. Thank you for all you do.

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