Link Roundup

               A vintage western cowboy is the Roy Rodgers Show, in which he and Dale Evans sang, Happy Trails To You at the end of every program. I’ve been thinking about him, since we just got back from a trip to Wyoming, where a round up is a vivid experience, but its usage by brand reps is just as valuable. In our day-to-day work there are a lot of sites with wisdom to impart, and I’d like to share a few with you this month. Get ready to click that cursor! Right now, cozy up and take a peek at the wealth of information available to you as a customer rep!

               What Is It You Do? How do you describe your line of work, and what does it entail?,and%20interacting%20with%20the%20consumers.

It’s important to know not just what your job entails, but how to connect to the industry. Realize that you are an important cog in the US economy, so take pride in your work! Look at the future before you and appreciate what you have.

Growing friendships when you work solo: When you work solo, you miss out on workplace friendships. Sure, you have friends, but it never hurts to grow new ones. Here are some tips offered for those who work from home, and in some ways, that’s you! Your work comprises some of the same elements as those working from the dining room table.

               Ways to make your traveling easier: Let’s face it—you spend some time getting from store to store. It can be a drag…or not! Track your mileage, for sure…but how do you keep healthy, enjoy the drive or travel more safely? These are some ideas to make your life easier:

No matter how you look at it, the internet has advice for your every need. Utilize a little down time by checking out these sites and make your life easier. In Wyoming cows have the right of way, so we traveled with eyes open for buffalo as well as cows, and on a trail ride the family felt like bronc riders every time their horses got frisky…think of yourself as a happy-go-lucky trail rider making the rounds for your brand. Happy Trails!

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