Grow More than May Flowers

               When you take on the role of being a merchandising rep, you bring a lot to the table. getsmarter lists sixteen qualities of valuable employees, and you have one or more of these…it’s how you got this job! Take a moment to think about all of the skills you’ve been building and choose one worth developing. Hone is on that skill to make yourself even more valuable.

               For example, some of you are excellent communicators. You have developed the ability to listen to others and respond succinctly. This is an especially valuable skill and if you put some effort into growing it, it may become the basis of your success in life. What’s involved in being a good communicator? Empathy is a key component and you can actively develop this quality. The New York Times suggests putting away devices and listening to others when they speak. Embrace new experiences and learn how others live. Be part of an endeavor that helps others. The superpower of being empathetic is a natural result, and you will become a better communicator.

               Some of you are excellent writers. You can organize facts in a report the reader finds compelling. Writing is part of many career paths, and you can always use it to your best advantage. Find useful tips in full at Wordstream and put them into practice. Begin by a review of the basics. Be sure you know how to use punctuation and grammar. Become part of a writing club or take a class. It not only sharpens your skill set, you will open your eyes to new possibilities. Read classical literature and learn from the masters. Remember that writing is part of almost every occupation, so it never hurts to make it a key asset.

               Some of you excel at problem solving. That’s a great asset! Life’s obstacle course never daunts you, and you are able to navigate thorny situations. This, too, is a quality you can hone to perfection. Cisco Networking Academy suggests six steps to put into practice:

  • Identify the problem encountered.
  • Look beyond the obvious to root causes.
  • Come up with multiple possible solutions.
  • Evaluate those possibilities to choose the best solution.
  • Give that best solution a whirl.
  • Evaluate the outcome and adjust accordingly.

When you become a proficient problem solver, you save employers a lot of headaches and they pay good money for that!

               Nothing is more valued in the workplace than good character. Some of you have rock-solid qualities of dependability, honesty and positivity. As a matter of fact, integrity will take you further in life than charm any day of the week. For example, charm may get your foot in the door, but if your word cannot be trusted, if company finances are not safe in your hands, or if the company’s reputation is easily sullied by your careless words, you won’t last long. Think about the flash and sound effects that invoked awe in the Wizard of Oz. The great and powerful Oz had to actually keep his promises to be great and powerful, didn’t he?

               In short, take time this month to grow more than lovely flowers. Grow the best qualities in your own life and see your future blossom!

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