We Want To Hire You…and Your Friends

               The madness assailing the nation is beginning to fade…maybe just a little bit, but don’t you feel the breath of fresh air as we turn the corner on viruses and masks and political madness? The nation is getting back to work.

               What does that mean for you? For one thing, as precious as your job has been, you are now free to take a deep breath and think about your future. None of us are married to our jobs. We get to test the waters, try new things, enjoy new opportunities, explore better ways to earn a living. Look at it this way. We marry for life. We work for dinners and houses. See what I mean? Your job is a means to an end, not the end in and of itself. And your job doesn’t have to be rocket science. Could you put paperclips into the container? Could you lay out glasses on shelves? Could you lay out jeans on a table? Yes, you could.

               If you are wondering if there’s life outside your current job, let me assure you, the water’s fine…jump in and try the role of being a customer representative. It’s a new way to swim, and there’s a lot to love about it!

  • Do you like flexible hours? A customer rep is the local face of a national brand. You visit local stores and set up displays, take care of product. Nothing is shipped to you. You receive an assignment, and yes, you have to visit the store while it’s open, but you get to decide if you want to go right after breakfast, before lunch, or later in the afternoon. That’s flexibility.
  • Do you like being your own boss? A customer rep is an independent contractor. You are growing your own business. You enjoy tax breaks other small businesses enjoy. You get to decide how many brands you represent, how many stores you visit, how much you work. Your only reports go to the company owner, not the manager of the local store. That’s huge.
  • Do you like escaping drama of work politics? A customer rep is not a tugboat, it’s a gem of the ocean. You don’t care who gets what schedule, who gets a raise, who gets what assignment, who said what to whom…you share the same ocean, but you cruise through these troubled waters and the turbulence never affects you. Say goodbye to petty quarrels and office politics!

If you woke up this week and realized you’ve been bit by the fresh winds of spring, look into a whole new way of earning a living! Go to our site, http:www.retailstaffingsolutions.com and apply online. Think about becoming a customer rep–laying out displays–and check us out! We’re hiring.

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