Find Value In What It Isn’t

Our work is NOT a lot of things, and it’s time to be thankful for that! I’ll start us off with a small list of things your work isn’t, and see how many you can add to this list!

  • This isn’t a 9-5 job.
  • We don’t waste time trying to look busy to keep a boss happy.
  • We don’t punch a time clock for lunch and breaks.
  • We don’t have to ask when we can go to the restroom.
  • We don’t have to beg for a weekend off.
  • We don’t have to gulp down food in a place close to the office.

I know you can add other insights to the list, and I’d love to see them in the comments below. Working as a person who sets up displays and merchandise a lot of less obvious perks as well. One of those is being able to ignore workplace politics. I have worked in little isolated colonies of ants who scurry around and get in each other’s way and vie for being the most important worker for the queen. Can you relate? I’m pretty sure you can, because that’s one of the attractions of this line of work. Office politics is not a happy little fiefdom in which to find yourself!

Another less obvious perk is knowing the president of the company. If you’ll think back to other jobs you’ve held, how often did you have direct access to the CEO and head honcho? Layers of middle managers block that access, and I always thought I’d like to bend his/her ear for a minute or two or ten! How about you? In contrast, you have direct access to the woman in charge, and can take concerns right to the top. Ask your friends how many of them enjoy that perk!

Perhaps one of the least obvious but just as tangible benefits lies in being part of the fabric of America. Known for being the land of opportunity, you participate in the American dream at the point of inception. One woman’s dream led to your job, and it’s like reading a fairy tale that’s come true. It gives each of us hope in the latent desires of our own hopes yet unrealized. Being part of the story of our nation, even in small ways, gives us a feeling of belonging to something wonderful and grand.

right human palm display

I love this picture, though I’m not a fan of getting a tatoo, because those arrows always point forward. I am a big believer in looking forward. When I was a child I looked forward to being a nurse. When I was a nurse I looked forward to being a wife. Then I looked forward to being a mom. Today I look forward for the sake of enjoying the blessings that are mine!

You may have friends who would enjoy these same opportunities. Refer them to 10 Convincing Reasons to Work for a Small Company. It includes guidance on how to show up well in an interview, which is always helpful! I want to encourage you to invite your friends to like our company page and follow us. Whether they ever choose to be part of our network, they will benefit from close association. Theresa offers us a whole lot of value!

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