THIS! This is Passion.

If you think you could never be a merchandising rep because you’re an introvert, think again! Expression may not come easily for you, but it’s not because you don’t have deep feelings. Let’s talk about how to communicate your passion.

WORDS. Your choice of words is uber important in expressing passion. The easiest fix is trading out your lackluster adjectives for ones that sparkle. Look at the difference between, “I’m glad to see you,” and “What a delight to see you again!” See what I mean? Both are greetings. Both express pleasure. One is much more passive than the other. Practice speaking in superlatives, and then take it down a notch. This is passion.

Use action words, not intransitive verbs. Look at the difference between, “I like this display,” and “This pops!” Both express how you feel about a client’s suggested display. One invites your client to approve it, the other invites your client to love it. Practice superlative speak, and then take it down a notch. This is passion.

ACTIONS. Begin with a smile, the best of all accessories. Move on to an awareness of body language. An excited person never sits when he could stand. He never stands still when he can move. Your level of activity directly corresponds to the level of passion you wish to communicate. Let’s face it: The seat of your pants just isn’t where it’s at. Move your arms when you speak. Use bold gestures. Communicate over the top and your client will absorb a part of your message. Practice extravagant gestures in front of a mirror, and then take it down a notch. This is passion.

TRIBE. Your tribe directly affects the level of passion you communicate. Submerse yourself in a pocket of introverts, and yes, you’ll adopt more introvert mannerisms. Cultivate the presence of mentors and colleagues who express their passion without cringing, and a few of those attributes just might rub off and find a way into your psyche. This, too, is passion.

Never mistake passion for hype. It is genuine. Passion is spoken with intention. It sneaks out in stories and reflects its presence from gleaming eyes. So don’t worry about being “fake” in your expressions. Bumping your affect up a notch isn’t fake, it’s an expression of emotion. Check out this article from online business success. Fifteen different people described passion, and you’re sure to relate to one of them. Women’s Agenda wrote a great article about expressing your passion to new clients or prospective employers. It’s all about preparing and delivering your elevator message—nail it and you just might find bold gestures, vivid imagery and an active stance not so hard after all. This is passion.

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