The Two Second Countdown

We live in a visual world, don’t we? Facebook caters to this, with lots of graphics and a proliferation of memes. Longer articles are subjected to narrow little columns and discourage the average person flipping through their feed for whatever shouts for attention.

This is also true when it comes to your job as a merchandising rep. Those same people are your shoppers, and your representation of a brand begs your ability to attract them to the wares you represent. Your contract rests on the need to restock the brand, so if it doesn’t sell, you don’t have a job!

What can you do to cater to the average shopper? It’s not all that hard. Basic rules apply, and once you get the knack of it, this is an easy gig…but stick to the tried and true. Retail gurus tell us you have two seconds to catch the eye of a shopper. My dog has a longer attention span! Two seconds…so don’t blow it! Here’s how to do your best:

You are given guidelines for a reason, so be sure to follow them. They may seem counterintuitive to you, but great minds have crystalized the technique of selling. They know what works. Do what you’re told. Studies show that the most effective displays are of what customers want, not what they need. The marketing gurus are studying trends and know what will attract sales. You don’t have to worry about this. Just stock merchandise as instructed.

Make it sparkle. Most displays offer mirrors or surfaces that attract shoppers. A clean, smudge-free surface will increase sales. It invites shoppers like moths to a flame. Dust, lint, smudges all repel shoppers. Every visit is an opportunity to refresh and make your display sparkle.

Keep it organized. So do you know what’s wrong with this image? Keep reading! While there are always some impulse buyers, most shoppers will look at a product several times before making a purchase. They know how to find what they want because the products are laid out in a particular way, making an individual item easy to find. Every visit you must inventory what is on display and rearrange products into the prescribed order. (These sunglasses have no order, no pattern. You’ll find that there’s a right and a wrong way to display sunglasses, and this is not recommended!)

Think about what attracts your attention. I like dazzling displays that look fresh rather than picked over. I like displays that twinkle with cleanliness. I am easily discouraged if I need a particular size or variety and can’t find it. Do you remember how long the average shopper looks for something that piques interest? Two seconds. Make that two seconds memorable!

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