Fun Facts You Probably Don’t Know…about department stores


I know! We all are in them all the time…but some things just never register. Visit the Miracle Mile in Chicago, and revel in this secret knowledge as you shop. In this month of learning new interesting facts, I thought some weird facts about the places where we work might be of note. You can find the full report at Odyssey Online.

               Fact #1. Department stores have no windows or clocks. Have you ever looked around and wondered what time it was and if you were late? Well, if you’re like me, you had trouble finding a clock…and with good reason! Developers want customers to lose track of time and to focus on shopping.

               Fact #2. There’s a secret associated with the bathroom…it’s never on the first floor in a store with more than one story. Customers who want to use the facilities must go to another floor where they just might become entranced with other products not on the shopping list. There is method to the madness!

               Fact #3. The elevator in a department store is always hidden and hard to find, but the escalator is in plain sight. Do you know why? Using an escalator, shoppers see tantalizing displays and it encourages impulse buying. See more, buy more. Genius and dastardly, all at the same time.

               Fact #4. Men’s clothing is usually on upper levels. It goes back to secret number three. If women, who usually shop for their husbands, must go to another level, they will see more and buy more than if they can find what they want on the first level.

               Fact #5. Jams match the hour. Early in the day you’ll often hear serene music in the background. In the late afternoon or evening, when there is a rise in the number of shoppers and people needing to find their products, the music switches to a more upbeat rhythm. It encourages shoppers to rush and finish their shopping. Upbeat music is also featured during discount sales and promos.

               Fact #6. Where are the mirrors? Mirrors are hard to find in fitting rooms, because developers want customers to ask a clerk how the garment works. Flattering words encourage sales, the harsh reality of looking in a mirror sometimes discourages sales. Now you know.

               Fact #7. See-through carts encourages shoppers to subliminally want what someone else is buying. Think about those handy carts at Kohls stores…you plop in the cart the things you want, sometimes hanging a hanger over the back of the cart to keep a dress from wrinkling, and everyone gets to see how attractive it is. In the process, some of those people start looking for the same dress. It’s all about the money, folks.

               As you meander in and out of department stores fixing displays, see if these secrets prove true, and smile to yourself. You know the secrets! You also are now armed with a way to diminish their power. No more subliminal programming and impulse buying for you!

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