REP 101…Getting Back to Normal

As we look at the return of normalcy and YAY!, the return of our jobs. Let’s redefine what being a rep looks like. What is this world of merchandising reps? What do we do and what’s the best way to get the job done? Some of you may be ready to jump on board as newbies, and you may be asking the same questions.

Being a rep means standing for someone. Think of a rep for Ray-Ban glasses. Does the company stock the stores where their product is sold? No, sometimes they hire an intermediary, your company and by extension, you, to do that for them, and you suddenly become part of the public image of Ray-Ban. Naturally, they want the very best image for their product, and so does your merchandising company! So when we talk about getting back to normal, what does that mean? And should the old normal be the new normal?

First of all, transition from sleeping until you wake up to the schedule you adopted prior to the quarantine madness. Set your alarm clock. If you have nowhere to go, spend that extra time in personal preparation. Read. Jot down your favorite quotes. Learn about the tools of your trade. Before long you’ll be asked to get out there, so consider this as your wakeup call!

Look at your wardrobe and be sure your professional clothes are clean and ready to wear. We talked about appearances earlier, and let me stress again: Appearances matter. It affects not only the company you represent, but you never know when your next opportunity is going to surface. Be ready to greet opportunity with your best foot forward.

Normal may seem like a relative term but decline the tendency to slump backward into poor habits. If your previous habits didn’t groom you for success, develop new ones: Tim Corley surveyed more than a thousand successful people and developed nine habits they shared. A huge part of the success matrix revolved around self-improvement: reading, associating with inspirational people and focusing on their success. Surprisingly, successful people have multiple streams of income, which being a rep certainly affords you! Investopedia listed ten habits, and many of them overlap. These articles provide a platform from which you can derive habits for personal success.

Instill into your new normal a balance of sleep, exercise, work and play. A well-rounded life keeps you in tip top shape. Create a new normal that reflects the intense competition for these side gigs and cements your place among the field of hopefuls. Be ready when your area opens up for business and you get the call to represent a national brand. Your company, Midwest Merchandising Services is looking forward to getting you back to work. Be that cream of the crop representative so desperately needed!

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