Social Media…It’s Not Just for Fun

Every one of us is more glued to social media than ever before, but this quarantine will end. When life resumes, how can you make social media work for you? That’s right. It’s more than entertainment, lol. Many merchandising reps work part time and for them this is a side gig. It’s a valuable side gig, isn’t it? Use social media wisely to make it even more productive.

Much of your work involves solo acts, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Create a Facebook group for those who share your account in other locations. You can learn from each other, support each other and become a small community. Some of the hassles you encounter may have already been solved by another rep. Communicate.

Start a Pinterest board for displays and ideas to enhance your assignment. Share your greatest finds and research of improved ways in representing both your brand and your company.

If you want to learn your brand inside and out, social media is a good place to begin. Big brands have websites and Facebook pages. Like and insert yourself into appropriate groups, learn what’s going on. See new product lines. You may see an item not being put on display in your area that you believe would be a great draw…share that with home office and let us work our magic. Your intuitive response and willingness to invest in the company will not go unnoticed.

Communicate with more than just friends. Most of all, social media is a way to stay in touch with the outlets you service. Don’t be late without warning. Don’t miss an appointment without rescheduling in advance. Reps use their Dick Tracy devices for everything else…use it to enhance your work!

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