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Retail Merchandising 2021

As we close out this month of self-improvement, let’s look at an industry standard. Let’s look at two issues: First, the process of putting merchandise on shelves, and second, the shrinking number of shelves.

At first glance, our work is pretty much a no-brainer. We follow instructions.

  • A company contacts Teresa and contracts to have merchandise placed at local stores.
  • Teresa handles the order, all the details, and the product is shipped to a store near you.
  • You go into the store and do as you’re told.

We don’t have to know anything, but since this is our bread and butter being bandied about, maybe we should understand a little about the process. Silent Selling is a book you can find on Amazon, and it is a wealth of information about the ins and outs of product placement. It illustrates why you should follow Teresa’s instructions to the letter, which is great for questioning minds. Another great option is Store Design and Visual Merchandising, also available on Amazon. I think you’ll see there is a science behind what you do!

The second question you should be asking yourself is a simple one: Where did all the shelves go? I just heard via Face Book that Macy’s is closing all of its stores across the country. It has not been the only player to do so. The pandemic forced many of us to start buying online, and we discovered just how easy it is to have the whole world at our fingertips and click on but it now. There’s a problem with that, however: There is no face, no voice, and no relationship.

As handy as Amazon and other online suppliers has been, it’s time for us to get back to local shopping and support local business. As you do, shelves will continue to be restocked, and the business you save may be your own.

Online shopping with large corporations rob us of local money, while shopping with local businesses multiplies the value of each dollar spent. Forbes is all about little changes for big payoffs. In other words, you don’t have to make huge sweeping changes in what you’re doing—just tweak your routines and support local businesses in small ways.

The key to survival in 2021 will be reading. You need to keep abreast of new things, learn how trends are affecting you and make good choices. Read the best books and find your information from impeccable sources. Most of all, read!

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