Find the Root of Your Passion

Passion. It can be a scary word for introverts, for those who live locked within the walls of their hearts, and worse, a buzzword for the extrovert. Yet passion defines us, and if it fuels us. It may be the defining force of success.

Stay with me here. Don’t overthink this. Sit down, close your eyes, and think back to an experience you enjoyed, one in which you felt grounded, like you knew who you were (at the time.) The root of your passion lives there, maybe not in that activity, because we don’t live on the beach, but in the feeling you derived from that experience.

Now fast forward. What gives you that same feeling today? My goal is simple. I want to connect you with your passion. I’m not into the whole game of recruitment, racking up warm bodies, and I certainly shy away from the whole notion of head hunting. What are we, cannibals or something? Instead, my sweet spot lies in being the conduit between where you are right now and that perfect world of where you want to be.

So if you are checking me out for the first time, know this. I am passionate, driven, and want you to find the one spot where you live your passion, where you experience the innate satisfaction of a life well lived. That’s my pledge to you.

Begin with a little reading assignment. Literature abounds. Oprah offers a formula for finding your passion. Let Oprah help you understand yourself a little bit better. Inside you is where it all begins. A recent Forbes article lists the seven steps of Simon Rubin in a well written, succinct article. I heartily recommend it.

Continue with a pad of paper and a pencil. I love the Ticonderoga #2s. Write down your thoughts. Don’t worry about sentences, punctuation, limits. Just write down where the wind takes you. Some of these thoughts may feel like pie in the sky dreams, but don’t discard them! Bring them to me. Let’s give them a chance.

I look forward to being a part of your journey, dreaming with you. Let me connect you to a passionate life fueling your success. You can find me at Always. Live your passion.

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