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We are an elite recruiting site for quality retail merchandisers, mystery shoppers and demonstrators.

Welcome to an elite recruiting site for quality retail merchandisers, mystery shoppers and demonstrators. This site was created to connect quality field persons with suppliers and companies needing merchandising-sales and demonstrators at retail level.

25 years in the merchandising business gives first hand experience into the needs, concepts and downfalls of merchandising, staffing and recruiting.

We know what needs must be met at retail by field person. We also know first hand many of these needs are never met.

Our intention is to bring into the limelight a new generation of retail field representatives. These persons will take pride in their positions. As a merchandiser or field representative your position will hold value. You will care about it again or perhaps for the first time. Your position should provide needed income consistent and reliable. In many cases the reason our industry has gone through so many changes of late is simple. Poor field service reps. Suppliers and retailers have had no other choice but to make merchandising nearly obsolete. We must rely upon manufactures, vendors and suppliers to seek out quality reps and fill positions from this board. If our commitment is upheld suppliers will return and continue to select candidates from this site.

To fulfill this commitment we are seeking a different kind of applicant. We invite a new breed or perhaps to awaken persons. We are seeking those that are forthright, honest, diligent, professional, and trustworthy. We are calling those that have watched this industry fall to the staffing and recruiting demise.

With your help and support this site will start a revolution!

You will find this site to be a non stop-working tool for your success. Stop by often and find editorials, news of trends in the business, commentary, special guest writers, training, support and advice. All in an effort to make our presence at retail level a place of pride and profits to the suppliers and retailers we serve.

We value your feedback. Please feel free to contact us.

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