Eat Better Food for a Better Brain

When you are hustling between hither and thither, what do you grab for lunch? This week let’s talk about how to improve your life and your work by improving the food you eat. It’s such a no-brainer that it’s easy to take for granted the body’s ability to run on junk and not complain—but this is not a long term option!

Your brain needs raw energy to transmit thousands of impulses throughout the day. Each step requires nerve transmissions from command central to parts below. Each decision you make requires nerve transmission from multiple recorded files housed within your brain, the input coming together for you to make a good choice. Those nerve impulses require energy, not chips and dip or a soft drink on the run.

Gut health. Your old mama was right: Eat your greens. Eat more fiber. Scientists are discovering a clear connection between gut health and Alzheimer’s Disease, suggesting that refined carbohydrates may affect you for years to come. As a matter of fact, did you know that a good night’s sleep is also a matter of good gut health? Serotonin is a neurotransmitter regulating sleep and 95% of it is manufactured in your gut.

So how do you know if you have a healthy gut? Signs of poor gut health include consistent stomach aches, a high sugar diet, food intolerances and sleep disturbances. Remedying the problem requires reducing stress from your life, eating slowly, staying hydrated and looking into probiotics.

Add foods rich in omega-3s:

  • Oily cold-water fish: anchovies, tuna, blue fish, herring, sardines, mackerel, salmon, halibut and lake trout. 
  • Leafy greens: Brussel sprouts, spinach, arugula, mint, kale and watercress. 
  • Oils: flaxseed oil, chia seed oil, cod liver oil and krill oil. 
  • Eggs. 
  • Walnuts.

Eat foods rich in anti-oxidants—things like fruits and vegetables. The dark red fruits contain flavonoids, which are very high in anti-oxidants.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Of course you aren’t going to change your diet overnight, but you can take baby steps for a healthier lifestyle…making small changes each week. Choose a day each week to focus on what you eat, like Tummy-Tucking Tuesday or Wacky Salad Wednesday. Find easy ways to incorporate better foods into your diet at how to pack a salad jar. Many fast food chains offer salads to go. A handy pocket reference is Eat This, Not That for days when you just want something off the menu. The important thing is to begin changing your mindset, which will change the way you eat.

As you do, you’ll find you have more energy, your work will improve, and you will enjoy life more. We are dedicated to a happier healthier you, and not just because it affects the quality of your work…we know from personal experience that healthier habits correlate with happier attitudes.

You truly are what you eat. Sorry, just had to say it.

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