Happy African American hardware store worker working in the shop

Zombies Don’t Need Jobs

In this emerging post-Covid 19 world, have you been struck by the fact that absolutely no zombies have dominated our headlines? After watching The Walking Dead, I expected this to be a much more prevalent concern than it has proven to be…but don’t give up on zombies yet. They’re just smaller than you expected.



               A recent Reader’s Digest article described fungi zombies in the tropics. The genus Ophiocordyceps infects an ant’s central nervous system. Within nine days it takes control over the ant, forces it to climb into a tree and throw itself overboard into the cool soil below the tree, where fungi love to live. Like something from a mind on hallucinogenic drugs, the fungi waits until the next solar noon to force the ant to bite a poisonous leaf and die. Let’s hope this zombie fungus remains small and indigenous to the tropics.

               I hope you’re wondering right now what other terrors you’ll never see. I grew up during the Cold War, and practiced diving under my desk to survive a nuclear bomb. Don’t laugh. It was a real thing. I grew up watching westerns and looked for quicksand at every turn. Yeah, I know. Not a danger I’ve ever encountered. Yet some fallacies do persist.

               One is that we deserve a good standard of living, a good wage. Let me dispel that fallacy. You deserve what you earn. No one is entitled to a higher minimum wage or a certain kind of life or a certain kind of healthcare. We hope for all of that, we work for all of that…but we aren’t born with silver spoons in our mouths and great futures before us.

               As people who get up and go to work every day, you know that. You love your life if you love your job, and what’s not to love about being a merchant rep? You get a lot of control over your daily schedule. You exercise a lot of autonomy in determining the course of your work. You are virtually the king or queen of your own universe, and that’s more than a lot of your friends can boast!

               Others who want these same benefits need only apply on our host site and get into the queue…because new opportunities are coming. We’re hiring! Share that with friends and relative across the country, because opportunity awaits. Doesn’t that bring a smile to your face?

Thankfully, 2021 is emerging and we are not zombies. We exercise the option of a better of life when we put forth some effort. Let’s do that! Here’s to being down with zombies and up with being kings/queens in our own worlds. Woot! Woot!