Welcome to our brand new site

Welcome to our brand new site! Thank you for stopping by! On our new site you will notice a new look, new pictures, a refreshed focus. Along with a mission statement that hasn’t changed in 25 years! We do ONE thing and we do it well! We connect high profile quality merchandisers with vendors of same caliber. We invite you to appreciate the fact that we do value YOU! YOU are the secret to our vendor’s success. Please be that well! Other than our new site what has changed in retail? What hasn’t changed would be a better question. Did we ever imagine NO malls? NO food court! NO Blue light specials! NO Sears! NO Toys R US! I wanted to be a Toys R US kid forever and never grow-up. That is not the destiny of retail in America. It is clear. Most days I feel like I’ve seen it all and then get surprised by all that a day brings. So while we struggle to find our place as merchandisers and sales reps in this ever changing climate we invite you to be a part of our team. Find us on LinkedIn, Face book and stop by here often to see what’s new and update your contact info as it changes.

We are on the GROW this spring! We are eager to get started for our new vendors while showing continued support for our existing loyal vendors.

Bright note: Our average vendor time frame with us is 5-7 years. We boast in this retail climate that’s an awesome accomplishment. That we owe all to….. Well YOU again.

Tip of the month:
Want to increase your chances of getting work? Expand your coverage area! Merchandising Companies often offer work to the rep that can cover an entire city or reach far-away towns. Mileage is often paid for the rep willing to “go the distance.”

According to Michael, “Human beings — from Gen Z / Millennials to Baby Boomers — crave departures from their realities and not digital immersions into “more stuff”

“Going shopping’ — actually getting in the car and driving to stores in search of both material treasures and priceless experiences with friends are a fun and wholly physical endeavor that many, many people dearly miss. It is truly the journey that matters more to engaged and loyal customers. Best believe the merchants that deliver these unique social experiences will win the hearts and minds of their existing customers — plus all their friends!”