Hacks to Do More

Productivity is such an elusive term, isn’t it? It means getting more done, like lots more…but what qualifies as being “more?” In the world of the marketing rep, it involves getting the job done quicker and better…so let’s talk about just how that happens.

Start with a better to-do list. In your personal life utilize the 1-3-5 rule to become more productive. Do one big thing, three medium things and five small things. Let’s hope work is your one big thing! But when it comes to setting up a display, there is no way to make some parts of the job important and leave others out. Everything matters.

To be more productive on the job, utilize the GTD program, which stands for Get Things Done.

  • Look at the specs first and be sure you are acquainted with everything required of you.
  • Then look at the steps involved, both the ones you walk and the ones you do. Be organized. When you can, collect everything required at one time. Work in an orderly fashion.

Reduce distractions. Turn off your phone. Look at the list and only the list. These an others form an iconic list of ways to block out the world and increase your productivity. Create a visual reminder for what must be done, like an asterisk or a bullet point. The more you do this, the easier it will be to focus on the visual reminder and tune out static of life around you. 

Get in the zone. Hungarian scientist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi described the way productive people actually become productive. It involves blocking out distractions while working, recognizing how good it feels, and then striving to enjoy that dopamine high more and more often. Productive people are always striving to feel that “high” of getting things done.

You can begin that journey just as Goldilocks did—in finding that sweet spot of tasks which feels “just right.” For example, a big job is easier when broken down into six easier steps. It becomes “just right.” The more you stay in that “just right” zone, the more productive you will be.

Learn from the masters. Cultivate a taste for nonfiction. Read about the most productive minds of our times to learn how they rose from mediocrity to greatness. Beethoven began each day with coffee…I knew it! It’s good for us! I’m less of a fan of old Ben Franklin, who wrote in the nude for an hour each morning before dressing. What I’m learning is that each prominent person in history found a way to become more productive. Reading their memoirs and biographies teaches me how to emulate their success.

Make no mistake: productivity is your pathway to earning more in a shorter period of time. That’s a definition of productivity we can all appreciate!

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