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Hacks to Do More

Productivity is such an elusive term, isn’t it? It meansgetting more done, like lots more…but what qualifies as being “more?” In theworld of the marketing rep, it involves getting the job done quicker andbetter…so let’s talk about just how that happens.     Start with a better to-do list. In [...]
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Go for the Goal Posts!

Do you remember that scene in You’ve Got Mail, whereMeg Ryan waxes poetic over the smell of newly sharpened pencils in the fall? Ithink we all remember those days of fresh crisp books and new beginnings, so goalsetting…it seems like a fitting topic. What better time to sit down andscope [...]
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Frequently Asked Questions…

The future lies ever before us, and the gate we must enterfor new experiences is often tended by gatekeeper…gatekeepers with questions.Those questions can be tricky, so here’s a guide for how to respond.   According to,the ten most frequently asked questions asked by interviewers include:   What are your [...]
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Don’t be a Summer Statistic

Let’s talk about summer fun. Have you noticed how all theworld is making up for the lost summer of 2020? You may be as well. You justcan’t seem to get enough vacation time, enough weekend jaunts, enough beachtime, enough gardening, enough outdoor time crammed into your summer. With each of [...]
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Link Roundup

               A vintage western cowboy is the Roy Rodgers Show, in which he and Dale Evans sang, Happy Trails To You at the end of every program. I’ve been thinking about him, since we just got back from a trip to Wyoming, where a round up is a vivid experience, but its [...]

Grow More than May Flowers

               When you take on the role of being a merchandising rep, you bring a lot to the table. getsmarter lists sixteen qualities of valuable employees, and you have one or more of these…it’s how you got this job! Take a moment to think about all of the skills you’ve [...]
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We Want To Hire You…and Your Friends

               The madness assailing the nation is beginning to fade…maybe just a little bit, but don’t you feel the breath of fresh air as we turn the corner on viruses and masks and political madness? The nation is getting back to work.                  What does that mean for you? [...]
Hey Siri

Siri, Who Am I? by Sam Tschida

               Who are you? Really? Sam Tschida explores an interesting concept. Released this January, this funlittle novel is about a woman with amnesia, who recreates herself by looking upall of her Instagram posts. It raises some good questions:   Are we more than our posts? If a prospective employer looked [...]
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Zombies Don’t Need Jobs

In this emerging post-Covid 19 world, have you been struck by the fact that absolutely no zombies have dominated our headlines? After watching The Walking Dead, I expected this to be a much more prevalent concern than it has proven to be…but don’t give up on zombies yet. They’re just [...]