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Thank you for browsing our site. We invite your comments, questions, and suggestions. Please feel free to reach us with any matter you may have. You may submit a contribution to any of our blogs, training, newsletter etc. Please don’t hesitate to share even the smallest of thoughts. It is our effort to create a community of any & all elements of success and support. Please share any interest you may have that pertains to merchandising, marketing, recruiting, staffing. If you call us we will pick-up the phone if not you may leave a message. We will return your call. If you email us, we will respond. Please let us know how we may improve the site. We value your feedback.


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Customize with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash... the list goes on!

You can use any front-end technology you like - from Flash to JavaScript to CSS. In many ways, BC is like web hosting - anything you could do in terms of client side customization, you can do here. Plus, our modules and the code the system produces are completely XHTML friendly.