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Retail Staffing Solutions

Our reason for creating this is three fold.

1. Most current, job boards you have access to in many cases substandard providing no outlet for quality reps. As a quality rep, you are thrown into a polluted pool of unknown origin.

Vendors use reps from these sites once and don’t go back.

2. We are a merchandising company. We must have an exclusive site to recruit our own merchandisers from. We require you to be screened; trained, and standing by when our vendors need us/ YOU. “The secret to our vendors’ success is our people.” YOU again!

We are an affiliate of Midwest Merchandising Services.


Retail Staffing Solutions is our recruiting support company.

We have been in business for 24 years providing quality and value to vendors at retail level. We are able to work in all venues of retail.

Our search for superior reps is endless! We’re so glad you’re here.

3. We work with diligence to market this site to other candidates that may need merchandisers or demonstrators at retail level.

These candidates may be other merchandising companies or companies that don’t wish to use a merchandising company – that they are only seeking valuable reps.

We are dedicated to populating this site with quality reps.

For this reason we ask you go through an application process

Unlike other boards, we don’t believe any one should get a position without applying for or qualifying for the task.

Time equates to money for both our clients and our reps. There is no reason why you should be asked to fill a position you don’t want, can’t do, or are not available to do.

Much has changed since we first began staffing and recruiting. Like all other industries it seems the small guys are gone and the big keeps getting bigger and bigger. We still hold on to basic principles. We still answer our phone we still know who we are recruiting. You are still important to us. We’ve been big, little and everything in between. We still strive to do one thing and do it well. Give quality service (the best in the industry) at a value rate. This is not possible without quality field reps. I’m often asked who is my competition.

My answer always the same “I don’t have any” No other company understands merchandising like we do. No other company has built and values a team at retail level as we have. One hour in one store can make a difference. I see this all day-every day. Never discount what you do no matter how small. You are a liaison between the suppliers and retail. You are in many cases the only thing standing in between a successful or failed product at retail. Vendors and manufacturers only have you !! No sales force, no marketers. Just you! Be proud of that and wear it well.


Defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “A firm adherence to a code of ethics or values.” …While contagious, it seems integrity is a lost art. We challenge ourselves and each of you to practice this often. Practice makes perfect.


We must dress, speak, approach, think and convey an image of being the best we can be. “Be who you are and be that well.”  Show the world you are proud of YOU.


Accountability often is a  team effort. Be well equipped.  If you determine you cannot meet the expectations of the task you have accepted, it is your obligation to communicate your concerns to the proper people. Does that make you a failure ? No! That makes you honest and forthright.


The art of getting things done. As a company policy, we are driven to execute- . Join in the art of getting things done. Good gets better, Better becomes your BEST and the BEST never rests.