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What’s new? New systems, Access 2013, New server, New email provider, New email address, New tech support, New smart phone, Facebook, Linkedin, On line reporting, New phone system, New clients,    Welcome to the digital, technology age.  In the last 20 days our companies have undergone a renovation. All of this was done in an effort to enter the new millennium. To be honest I did try for a few days to keep up but have realized it’s a work in progress.  When our marketing team goes back to their office I’m comforted to know they are only a text or an email away to my rescue.  Of course this will only work if I can figure out how to us my new SMART phone in the heat of battle. So that’s about all on what’s new.  LIKE RSS FACEBOOK PAGE HERE!

With all the new operations in place I wanted to evaluate as a business owner if all the above things would really make a giant difference in what I’ve always embraced. Relationships and communication.

I’ve found the answer to be yes we are dedicated to building relationships on a more productive scale with the new technology. So “communication remains key to success”. Thank Goodness I won’t need to change my brochures before MAGIC.

What’s old? My fear of not being able to educate my daughter! This fear manifested itself 15 years ago. As she celebrates her 22 Birthday and has achieved a BA in Business administration my fear began to subside until she announced she will continue for her MBA. While this fear drives me to be well and do well- It’s really a full-blown act of God that her father and I have been able to educate her.  My daughter is my wing man. She is  the owner and founder of RSS. She has dedicated her summer to all of our new renovations. With a little help from a few friends she has brought us out of the dark ages. Everybody needs a wing man. It’s also fair to mention my administrator and enduring friend. You all may never encounter her but she is my right and left hands. Fair to mention because she likes to brag about how wonderful she is and old too. J

The war on terror is very old! It takes toll on all of us. We have fostered a soldier’s dog for 8 months. By  Grace the kid is back in the states. In his eyes and in his carry I can see he’s no longer a kid but a man. We have grown to love the pup. The best part of that love is that she will be returned to the guy that loves her best. Our kitty was old. Sadly we lost her to kidney disease this summer. She was 18. She was a little sweet heart. This loss will grow old in my heart before it subsides.  The only thing constant is change. I’m trying hard to embrace it. The future deserves a plan. The past deserves a special tribute, what matters most is the minute you are in right now. Life is a journey. Watch the road signs.

I wish you success! Teresa


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First Blog Entry

"It's always best to start at the beginning".~ Dorothy, the Wizard of OZ.  Being born and spending most of my life in the Midwest, it seems fitting to reference and use images from this epic screen play. You will notice the logo on many of our documents at Midwest Merchandising is the Ruby Slippers. We decided to use this based on two things. 1.Busy feet make the best merchandisers, or as we now refer to them, "reps".

 A busy person has no time for diversion and is dedicated to the matter at hand.
2.We adopted this because of our experience in the fashion industry. shiny high heels, we feel are a timeless fashion statement. For many years fashion merchandising  was the only thing we did.

For this reason, twice a year we travel as a company to Las Vegas, NV.To attend the MAGIC SHOW. NO it is not about  the art of magic! it is a trade show originally devoted to the men's apparel industry. Its first home was in CA and later moved to Las Vegas.  The show has written many success stories for thousands.  Self proclaimed- it is "where fashion lives." Beyond all the hype, big parties, photographers and fortunes won and lost.. It is just "ole school" hard work. Net working, prospecting, making connections. At Magic you will see new trends, new fabrics, new ideas. from all countries all types of manufacturers.  

Many shows have made a foot print  in Las Vegas during Magic week. As it is, has been, and I hope always will be, a place to reconnect with old friends and make new  friends or contacts. Most  of all, MAGIC allows us to  explore all the possibilities of what the fashion industry aspires to become; While never losing sight of all the hard work and inspiration that has brought it thus far. Viva Las Vegas! Don't forget your comfy shoes !    

What's new..
We are very proud to announce our latest new launch. It is our privilege to be the merchandising support to  SKWEEZ COUTURE~ A new collection of ladies shape wear, that is sexy, innovative, and slims and shapes. This product is branded by Jill Zarin. Ms Zarin has starred on "Real housewives of New York City."  She is in her own right owner of Zarin fabrics. Critics are already raving!! Watch for us at your favorite dept store. If you would like to be part of this exciting new launch please sign up now.  

We continue to value our existing clients. We are venturing into our 24th fourth quarter. what a busy time for us here!  While retail sells remain unsure, we have decided to have the best fourth quarter ever!  We continue to do one thing and do it well ... We strive to give quality service to our vendors at a value price. "The secret to their success is our people".  Hurry and sign-up to help. We value each of our reps~  We wish you  success.!!

The Retail Staffing Solutions team  

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